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Seamless LED Video Wall
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LED Seamless Video Walls

Enhanced Visual Experience

Our seamless video walls are one of the most popular services that we offer. Perfect for concert venues and clubs, houses of worship, schools, airports, malls, event facilities, senior complexes and as accent features. These video walls have been shipped all across North America to our happy clients. No matter what use you have for our video walls, we guarantee they can handle it. We ensure all video walls are ultra durable, and can withstand outdoor conditions.

Our video walls use industry standard communications for updates, so your product will stay up to date for years to come. Contact us today to purchase one of these state of the art video walls!


156M LEDs

To date, we have approximately 156,000,000 L.E.D. lamps being used in our products. The L.E.D. The failure rate is 233. This is way below the industry standard of .001 %

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Solo LED Panel
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Our LED Story

We have been working with LED technology since 2010. We are proud to manufacture almost all of our LED products right here in Saskatoon. Over the last decade, we have helped thousands of happy customers receive world-class LED products at an affordable price range. Our customers are your passion, and we will work until you are completely satisfied with our services.

If you are ready to purchase one of our commercial-grade LED products, contact us today to get started! You won’t regret trusting All Things LED.

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