Electronic Message Centers  / Digital Led Sign

Our EMC’s and L.E.D. displays are extremely robust. On February 6th 2019, Saskatoon was the coldest place on earth, All of our LED.  EMC’s are still working perfectly. This is interesting because we do not use or require heaters (or Air conditioners) in our displays.

Our displays use industry standard communications for updates. Hardwired network, Wireless hot spot or direct connections, cellular and finally from our cloud server.

The custom made components we use in the electronic message centers and L.E.D. products, display extremely rich colors. Even though the color is so intense, the power consumption is very low. In the certification process our product has been measured to use 10 times LESS  power than many EMC’s on the market today.

To date we have approximately 27,000,000 L.E.D. lamps being used in our products. The L.E.D. failure rate rate is 45. This is way below the industry standard of .001 %

All of our L.E.D. products come with a 5 year warranty.


LED Electronic message center

Wood Frame 6mm HD LED sign

Wood frame structure in northern Saskatchewan Canada

This is a 6 mm L.E.D. Electronic message center. 

LED sign  Electronic message center

6mm Electronic Message center

3 mm led display

This is a 3 mm L.E.D. display.  This displays is going to be uses as a video wall in a “MAN” cave in Texas. This display is 12 feet x 5.5 feet.

LED sign

3 mm Indoor Kiosk LED sign

2.5 mm  kiosk display.

This  2.5 mm Kiosk display is perfect form malls and places where there is allot of ambient light. These displays are 5 to 6 times brighter than outdoor TV’s

LED sign  Electronic message center

Another look at the LED sign in the sunlight 6mm

6 mm wood frame Electronic message center 

another view with SUV and a person to show perspective on the size of this  displays 

LED sign, Electronic message center.

5mm HD led sign ready to power up.

5 mm  Electronic message center.

This display is on the side of a restaurant and lounge in Saskatchewan. (If  you are ever in Watrous Saskatchewan, The Pepper tree Restaurant has amazing food.)

LED sign

3mm Window LED sign Perfect for malls.

2,5 mm window display

This is a 2.5 mm windows display in a mall. This is great for advertising. The glass ceiling in the mall allows lots of sunlight into the building., televisions we not bright enough for this application.

LED sign, Electronic message center

5 mm LED sign up close Picture taken from 2 meters away

5 mm Display 

This is a 5 mm display with a picture taken from 4 feet away. NOTE:  there is very little distortion at this distance.