The year was 2010, when we first started to work with L.E.D.s and L.E.D. hardware.  In the fall of 2012  we had  a led display synchronized to music. This display consisted of 3750 rgb pixels and 11,250 Channels of DMX control. In 2016 we started having led pixels made specifically for our  Electronic message centers and L.E.D. displays. All Things L.E.D.  is dedicated  to providing the very best of L.E.D. technology and customer service  to our clients. 


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Company History

We have been working with L.E.D.s for the past 7 years. We have tried it all. From normal DIP L.E.D.s to strip lights then to smart strips. In late 2015 we moved to L.E.D. arrays and panels. Our R&D department is always trying to develop new products.


ATLED has a strong manufacturing team. We manufacture all our products right in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We are a proud Made In Canada Corporation.

Looking to the Future

All Things L.E.D. will continue to develop higher resolution displays that will still maintain the amazing color and reliability that exceeds industry standards.