Frequently Asked Questions

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Please keep in mind, this was a prototype that we wanted to share with friends and family. We never imagined the immense response this early in our creation process. That being said, we are ready, willing and capable to sell all of our LED products to anyone who is interested. Please remain patient as we answer all the requests we have received.

Our LED kitchen backsplash starts at $149.99 per square foot, CAD (Canadian). Simply email and we can create a quote for your unique situation.

The kitchen backsplash shown in our video is a prototype. If there are enough interest and orders, we will begin to fabricate with straightforward installation instructions and will make them readily available to easily order online.

We are currently working on a mounting system for the panels. We are also developing options for resolution (customizable) and control, so you can easily choose what you would like to see on your LED backsplash.

Our panels are water resistant. They can be wiped down with a damp cloth, and splashes will not harm them. We also have options for a lexan clear cover for the sink area to ensure additional protection of the panel. Waterproof options are available for the panels for pools, showers, etc.

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