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LED Kitchen Backsplash – Everything You Need to Know

After our recent LED Kitchen Backsplash video went viral, we have been overwhelmed with so many kind words, messages and questions. We never anticipated such an exciting or large response, and we hope that this post will answer some of your questions. Then, if there are any serious inquiries, they can be sent to the following locations:

  1. Serious commercial inquiries can be sent, preferably with blueprints, to
  2. Serious homeowner inquiries are currently being added to our waitlist, which we will return to in the future.

Please note that the following Q & A have been broken down into the following sections: Technical, Customization, Usability, Dealers, and Purchasing. You can hit “Ctrl” and “F” on your keyboard to search for the section you are interested in reading. 

Feel free to leave your unanswered questions in the comments and we will address them as soon as we can.



How many amps are there? There are between 1/2 to 2 amps depending on the lengths of the display.

What is the thickness of the panels? We offer a 3/8″  mounting option with magnets that are 3/4″.

Are these RGBW? What DMX controllers are you using? Our controllers are high-end standalone cards. There is no DMX or RGBW, these are high refresh rate LED modules.

What type of driver does it use? After installation, a control card is set up. We provide a USB stick with several effects, which is simply loaded into the control card and loops the effects on a playback.

Are the panels CSA approved? No. This is a kit, and with all the variations of installation options, it is impossible to CSA each item. However, each component will be a Certified component. We also use these components in our HD displays, which are CSA approved.

How many hours are these panels rated for? 100,000 hours is estimated.


Is it possible to change the speed of the graphics? Yes! The software interface is easy to use and is 100% user programmable.

Can this be connected to a security camera or other live video?  Yes with a special LED video processor.

Are people able to make their own effects? Yes, 100%!

Can the panels be made into a wall? Yes, our panels can be made into a wall. However, panels cannot be cut, they have to be installed as they are. For this reason, we recommend emailing us a blueprint of the space you are considering to We will create a quote and get back to you as soon as we can.

Can the LED backsplash be made to look just like tiles? Will you be offering variations of tiles? Of course! You can take pictures yourself of ANY tile or surface, and put it on the screen. We also work with Jim Brompton, who is a world class photographer. You can look through his website and purchase hi-resolution photos or videos. You are also welcome to use your own. Finally, we are excited to share that we will have a location to purchase more of our effects in the near future.

What does the backsplash look like when it’s off?

What basic effects come with the backsplash? We will take a web poll, and the top 3 will be included in the kit. We will supply 3 videos with lots of static effects, lines, balloons, etc.

How much will additional effects be? TBD, please check back soon.

Is it possible to have static designs instead of flashy ones? Absolutely!


Are touch abilities possible? No, sorry.

What happens if a panel gets wet or scratched? Our panels are water resistant, so some water is okay and can be wiped off with a damp cloth. You can also use plexiglass behind you kitchen sink to waterproof. Additionally, waterproof panels are available — please contact for serious inquiries. If a panel gets really wet or scratched, they will still perform normally if the scratch is cosmetic. If damaged or broken, the panels and magnetic mounts are very easy to be replaced.

How durable are these? Are they child-friendly? Light touching won’t harm the panels but is not necessarily recommended on a frequent basis. As previously mentioned, light water which can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Our panels also do not get hot or warm, so there is no burn risk.

Are the panels safe to be cooked near? Panels are rated to 60 degrees Celsius and to a humidity of 85%. These are fine behind the stove, but above the stove is NOT recommended.

Is it possible for people to upload their own content to it, such as a picture or a video of a recipe? Yes, it is possible! Pictures and videos can be easily uploaded


How can I become a dealer? Please send serious inquiries to

Do you have and/or are you interested in UK (insert other country here) sellers? Absolutely! Anyone can send their serious inquiries to


What is the warranty for these products? We offer 2 years against manufacturers defects. Water damage, voltage damage, and installation damage are not covered.

How is installation done? We provide all of the materials, including the panels, mounting magnets, cables, and fully configured and tested control cards. We will then ship this to you, and we recommend that installation is done by a qualified local electrical technician. This will ensure that your local electrical code standards are being met. There will be enough space between the mounting magnets and panels for the connection wires to be hidden. That being said, if you have plugins or switches in your current backsplash, they will need to be moved.

How are these being distributed? We sell our products to wholesalers who have local support. We support our dealers and wholesalers 100%.

How do you find a price and place an order? For those interested in commercial applications, please send serious inquiries to For homeowners, we ask that you please contact your local wholesaler or contractor. We believe in supporting local businesses. We are also accepting serious homeowner inquiries to our Home Owner Waitlist which we will revisit at a future time.